• Processes


diagramma processiThe company has achieved ISO certification in 1998. Like in any other certified firm in compliance with the ISO9001 quality procedure, in ours as well the operations are structured according to the process management, interconnections of which are highlighted in the following chart.
Pattern realizations, heat treatments, mechanical workings are managed from external partner of certain professionality.
Quantometer analysis and fluoroscopy are made in internal laboratory.

  • Melting

  • Moulding

    The automatic moulding system "no-bake" is a peak of technological excellence applied to foundries. This machinery is extremely versatile and operates without generating exhausted waste sands - working in a closed cycle - and it is entirely managed by software that allows to control every process that takes place within the production line, handling the moulds from forming to the casting line, passing through the cores insertion lines.
  • Cores insertion lines

    Cores insertion lines
  • Pouring

  • Laboratory

    The instruments are able to guarantee high precision analysis and include

    • Quantometer
    • Fluoroscopy
    • Durometer
    • Densitometer
    • Dye penetrant
  • Deburring


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